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The crew party by: Security "gamey" Guard

Ok, wait awhile for the battle to slow up (maybe half way in turn wise), and gather all your tank crews and put them in one big area. You should have at *least* 5 crews. if not more. Now, find a place on the map where your troops are being murdered viciously by 'something'. 'something' can be a tank, other troops, what ever.

Take your crews and advance them to that area CAREFULLY, they are very moralish idiots and run away fast. when you got them near that area, rush 3 on 'something''s left, and 2 on the right.

that 'something' will get extremely confused. I've had times where the AI borked out completely, targetting left, then right, then left again, while my troops shot them down like dogs. and if the crews live, they can score free kills.

I use this tactic a lot. It ruins peoples games who want to be serious.



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Securityguard, you are without a doubt an utter moron. The number of things wrong with this strategy are too high to count, not the least of which being:

How many turns do you have to waste reposition crews?

How do you charge any position with shattered troops?

You're an idiot.


Did someone compare this to the Ealing comedies? I've shot people for less.

-David Edelstein

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I won't point out how much of a *insert pretty bad word, something the mod would probably bleep* Elijah is, but i will answer his\her questions

1. 4 turns. they're fast (edit: depends on map greatly. and if you gather crews that are closer the situation. this wouldn't work on operations)

2. they're not exactly trying to gain ground, they're fodder. the manual for the game says "they come out broken yadda yadda so you can't abuse them". well, thats abunch of poppycock.



[This message has been edited by securityguard (edited 10-19-2000).]

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Guest Rommel22

It does work, it's fun too. Just tried it, just make sure there arent any enemy troops around, because they'll get shot up fast. But it does work, haha.

Relax Elijah!!! Try it, works, 4 rurns isn't anything!

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