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Cold War units in TacOps4?


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TacOps looks very good, and I did own an earlier version so am already a fan. However… my real interest in post WWII combined arms/mechanised war is a Cold War scenario settings.

To what extent are the units/equipment of the 1980s included? Remember they also need to be firing the ammunition they used in the 1980s.

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People were already playing CPXes with earlier equipment.

For TacOps veterans used to the latest stuff it is funny to see how these old tanks trade shots endlessly before hitting :D

Kinda miss some British stuff and the infantry squad are still pretty (too?) effective, but it wasn't a problem.

Overall, it was a good experience for a CPX. The lowered lethality meant that people could play longer with a given force. With the extremly deadly stuff you always start out overloaded and then idle after a few clashes.

[ December 14, 2003, 10:01 AM: Message edited by: redwolf ]

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