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Infantry visibility and target aquisition

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I have been playng a few scenarios and I definetly find CM(1.02) the best wargame I ever tried,

so no critics at all but just a couple of points about realism.

1-Small infantry units that are not firing like FO, crawling or sneaking in woods

and heavy rain get instantly spotted from enemy units 500 metres away and fired at

from several directions. Just my opinion, but infantry visibility could be tuned

down quite a bit.

2-I know there was a discussion about the fact that when a unit is spotted it is automatically

spotted by all the units with a valid LOS. Obviously this would not be the case in real life.

Having a limited experience in C++ I don't know how difficult would be to code it, but

I have seen a pretty good solution for it in an old game called Challenger 2000 (miniature

rules for modern warfare). The idea is that while the spotted enemy unit would visible to the

player, every friendly unit with a valid LOS should test for "aquiring" the target on his

own before been able to fire on it. The aquisition would be more or less difficult depending

on several factors (the enemy unit is firing, it was previously aquired etc.). The LOS tool

could show with a different color wether the the enemy unit is aquired as target or only spotted

from other units. this would take care of the fact that like in real life, units cannot

instantly communicate target positions between themselves.

Any idea if this could be done?

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Hello GaryC

Are you sure you're playing with the full Fog of War option enabled?

When you launch a game and were promted to the screen where you choose your side you can set some game options ( i.e. Fog of War; Computer player setup and Play Balance). Simply click the Fog of War button and switch it to "full" and I'm sure your units will not be spotted so easily.

BTW, welcome to the board


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Guest Michael emrys

Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought the AI always plays as if full FOW is on.

In any event, even though I always play with it on, my FOs have gotten special treatment (shot at) from very far away (500-1000 meters) even when unmoving in brush or trees. Sometimes even when hiding. I can't help but wonder if the AI is just a tad too sensitive to them.


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Guest Scott Clinton

AFAIK the AI used the same FOW settings that the player does. So if YOU choose to turn off FOW it is a double edged sword as the AI now has perfect knowledge also.

I have never done it but I would suggest anyone have problems with tactics or new to the genera try it with NO FOW a time or two just to get a feel for the game and how the AI moves its units.


Please note: The above is solely the opinion of 'The Grumbling Grognard' and reflects no one else's views but his own.

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I have had this same thing happen a lot (but not always) with spotters being targeted at long ranges. Since it doesn't ALWAYS happen, I can't attibute it to them being too easy to spot. I would think that a motionless 2-man FO team (or any other small unit) in woods or a building would be nearly impossible to spot at 300+ meters, though.

Could this have something to do (in the game code) with the fact that they are "firing"?

BTW, I always play full FOW when not testing something.


"Belly to belly and everything's better" - Russian proverb ;)

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My guess is that spotters who are direkting in artillery fire have a somewhat higher profile for spotting purposes than if they are simply hiding, but they should normaly not been spotted at an distance like this in build up or covered terrain.

I never had those experiances like you and I always play with full FOW, but IIRC there was a thread some days ago where two PBEM players had the odd occurence that the program seemed to "switch" the FOW status for their game. ( One of them posted a screenshot which displays an enemy unit along with ammo and morale status).

Well, I did not follow this thread to it's conclusion and so I may miss the point here completly. However, if the problem persists in your games you may wish to carry it to the tech forum to get more skillful advice.


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