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TF1-67 CPX Scenario

John Osborne

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I'm planing on running a CPX on November 1. If everthing falls in place. Here is a scenario background of the CPX. It is base off of the book "The War That Never Was". I will be asking for players around the 28 or 29 of October. Or as soon as I get two players to become the Commanders for both sides :D

The year is 2006, Warsaw Pact attacked across the International border of West Germany on 19 October. The right flanks of the Second Guards Army, Soviet 18th Guards Motorized Rifle Division and the East German 8th Motor Rifle Division, drove back the West German units and sized bridges across the Elbe-Lübeck Canal. The afternoon of the 21, the two division sought the open country between the conurbations of Lübeck and Hamburg. The Soviets plans called for a rapid advance at all cost and the avoidance of fighting in built up areas.

By the late evening hours of the 21, a regiment sized operational maneuver group (OMG) from the 18th driving north along the roads had reach Bad Segeberg. The OMG then turn west and by dawn of the 22 had cut the A7 autobahn between Kiel and Hamburg with little to no resistance from the enemy.

Bundesheer MG Hans Jamka, Commander, Allied Forces Schleswig-Holstein and Jutland, quickly mobilized reserve forces to control Hamburg. Also ordered the 6th Panzergrenadier Division (PGD) to attack along the A1, the main autobahn from Lübeck to Hamburg on the morning of the 23. The East German troops held the attack throughout the afternoon and into the evening.

During the night of the 23 of October, the West German 11th PGD’s 32nd Panzergrenadier Brigade completed its movement from its barracks near Schwanawede through Hamburg to the Northern banks of the Elbe. At dawn of the 24, the East Germans struck on both flanks, at last fell back. The now isolated Soviet 18th Division proved too powerful to destroy. The West Germans were able to close the gap between the Elbe and the Baltic.

On the morning of the 25, the East Germans was reinforced by the Polish 12th MRD, again struck northwest, punching a hole through to the isolated 18th MRD. While skirting the northern and southern limits of Hamburg, the pact forces reached the lower Elbe, driving the 32nd Panzergrenadier Brigade and the 6th Panzergrenadier Division southwest towards Bremen and the Aller.

As the 18th MRD heads towards the Aller the Commander of the 55th Motorized Rifle Regiment which was following behind the main elements as the reserved. Received his warning order.

As the Warsaw Pact forces resumed their push towards the Aller. TF1-67 has just arrived from the states at the port of Wilhelmshaven. TF1-67 troops begin start to bore sight their tanks and start to clean there equipment to get ready for battle. As the TF1-67 Commander was just arriving to the Headquarters of the Allied Forces, he got his warning orders .

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