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I really really like CM, but I guess that's why I am here anyway. Is there any chance we get to do some work on the Eastfront, maybe around early 42, maybe even the initial Barbarossa? Stalingrad? Gosh, wouldn't that be nice?

I dunno, must be a thing of mine that I just like the Eastern Front a lot more than the late 44 Western Battles. I would love to fight those huge tank battles (Kharkov and more).

Just a thought.

General Moechtegern

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Hi ehhh Stalin s...

CM 2 will be eastern front 41 - 45, hopefully released next year ( late summer, fall - keep fingers crossed)

CM 3 mediteranian area ( Balcans, North Africa, Italy ) from 41 to 44 (?)

CM 4 will cover the early years 39 - 41 (?)

( Poland, France, Low countries )

Welcome aboard and beware of fe CM Borg or you will be affimilated.

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