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The Dead Gray Line

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Tried the "new" CE as Amis, and gave the Germans +50%. For further laughs, I started the whole Ami force in their left corner.

Moved Charlie (on the tanks) and Dog to the treeline, along with an M1919 to anchor the left flank. Baker took the first objective house across the wheatfield, then sprinted to the treeline as a reserve for C and D, with most heavy weapons held back in buildings and trees. All tanks then began to move right, abreast, parallel to the trees, while the grunts secured the treeline.

What happened next is why CM is SO cool:

Lost one Sherm to a StuG, but having them flanked as they crested next to the woods began to tell, and I whacked all 3. Then #4 (!) showed up. Got him too, so it's all me and 4 Sherms left (not knowing how many are left is part of what's so cool).

Meanwhile the whole German army starts showing up in the "big" woods, as my rifle company Sneaks about 10m per turn into the forest, with the .30 cal. moving on the left. Baker has to shore up the right, and the battle spreads until I have a solid line (with no reserve other than HQs and 'zooks) stretching across the woods, advancing 10-15m per turn. Never saw so many grenades in my life.

By turn 17 there are exactly 30 Eliminated markers the length of the woods, and none of them are mine. Interlocking fields of fire and the slow advance against Green and Conscript troops are a relentless meat-grinder, and the gray bodies mark the line like something at Gettysburg. I don't have a place to post the screen shot but it is grimly impressive. Classic case of getting there firstest with the mostest.

The horror is grinding at me too, and finally Charlie platoon, in the center, is down to 7 effectives. Meanwhile one tank has worked around back of the woods and is firing deep into the German line from the rear. The others work the "little woods" and the church until the church collapses with the now-familiar 5 kiloton mushroom. My reinforcement platoon mops up what's left of resistance on my right.

The AI finally surrendered, and I can only attribute it to the efficacy of the Sneak command in tight formation in deep forest (thank god there was no arty- they shot it all at where my tanks used to be). Special thanks to D3, with 24 killed and 2 captured, though all infantry had high kill stats.

There were so many cool little things in this that I can't recount them all. This game is so cool... sometimes I just get emotional... sob (wipes tear)... cool.gif

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I know what you mean, Mark IV. Some days you just sit there staring at

the screen in disbelief at how utterly real and cool the battles are.

More like watching a movie or documentary at times than playing a wargame.

And you think, thank the Lord that Steve and Charles made this awesome

wargame or else we wouldn't get to experience this incredible new level of

realism in tactical warfare simulation. smile.gif

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Mark IV, I've got a screenshot of the German bloodbath I created up on that hill. I'll send it to ya if you give me your address.

Yes the grenade throwing in that close quarters woods combat is awesome. Funny thing is that since I was up there before the Germans were the Germans called down their 81mm bombardment there, except most shells hit over their troops.

I just played another game of CE and a similar thing happened, but as soon as I spotted their Arty spotter, I tracked him down and shot him up with MG fire from the church. biggrin.gif


"The greatest risk...is not taking one."

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