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Running, moving, sneaking, hiding - diff in 1.05?

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Used to be (i.e, pre 1.05) running meant get from point A to point B ASAP.

Moving meant move to contact. That is, your infantry moves from point A to point B but if it comes in contact with the enemy, stop and return fire.

Sneaking used to mean, move slowly and quietly until all your guys are dead smile.gif. Seriously, you could sneak by the enemy a few meters away and rarely would your guys return fire even as they're dropping. Maintaining stealth seemed to be the overriding priority, regardless of whether you were being shot at or not.

Hiding used to be an alternate form of setting an ambush. You keep your guys hidden and when the enemy comes close enough (or the threat is large enough?), your troops unmask and attack.

Well, I've played a few QB lately where I'm not really sure why I'm seeing what I'm seeing.

Running still seems the same.

Moving appears to be more like what sneaking used to be. My opponent moved his squad (he told me it was a move command after the fact) directly over the top of my hidden squad. My hidden squad did not unmask until his squad was almost on top of mine. His moving squad did not stop to return fire but kept moving towards, over, and past me, even as he was firing.

In another QB my opponent moved a Humber within range of my hiding flak unit. My hiding flak unit, instead of firing when presented with a great opportunity, decided to retreat (while still hiding). Next turn I had to manually unhide, give the specific fire order, and within 10 sec the humber was dead.

A third example was a squad was hidden in a house, a Cromwell comes in LOS about 250m away, and my squad decides to unmask and fire at the Cromwell. STUPID, STUPID, STUPID!

So clearly something's been done with the hide command and the move command seems to have changed.

Not sure about the sneak command. Does it still work the same in 1.05 as it did in 1.03? It stands to reason that if the move command has been changed, then the sneak command has been changed as well.

So, have the basics of these commands been changed in 1.05? I appreciate your feedback.


Jeff Abbott

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This topic has been discussed before, and there is also some info in the 1.05 or 1.04 readme file. But in summary, to the best of my knowledge and belief, the way infantry orders work now is like this:

1. Moving

Used for changing position during a firefight. Unit will keep moving to its waypoint as long as its morale state lets it, although it will fire at enemy units while it does so. Unit is assumed to be moving fairly cautiously, like by fireteam rushes, so net speed of advance is about walking pace but effects of enemy fire are reduced somewhat. Also used for route marching in non-combat situations.

2. Sneaking

This is the advance to contact order now. Unit moves very cautiously, like by individual rushes, taking max advantage of available cover. Net speed slower than walking pace and protection from fire during move is very good. When unit spots the enemy, it will stop moving and fire until the enemy unit is no longer a target, after which it will continue moving. Firepower is higher than with moving due to everybody stopping and shooting.

3. Running

Balls-out, high speed dash to the ordered location, totally ignoring cover en route and not shooting except maybe with SMGs. Casualties to fire during running are higher than normal.

4. Crawling

Very slow, staying low. Unit is least likely to be seen and successfully hit by fire during move, but also may not shoot at all.

So basically, you now have a spectrum of orders with different emphasis on speed, firepower, and protection.



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