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Historical scenarios


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Hi all.

May someone suggest where to find historical scenario (based on US military operations from the '80s till today) and/or hypotethical Cold War scenarios?

I saw that v4 introduced a lot of 'old stuff' but I'm a little bit tired to see only scenarios featuring late version ABrams vs. T-80Us :D


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There's a few things to be cautious of when doing this, all of which involve the AI.

- If you change a unit into a completely different type of unit, the AI may use it wrong. For example: If you turn Tanks into IFVs or SP artillery, the AI will continue to treat them as tanks. So keep units that will be under AI control as the same class of unit as before.

- If you add (using the "Add One Unit" menu item) units to the AI, they all wind up on the AI's "section 1". This is often the recce force, but not always. The point is: they may get used in very odd ways. Adding forces that exist on the "Optional Units" menu does *not* suffer from this problem: the AI knows how to use them.

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