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New OT Forum Area???

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I don't mean to get anyone upset with this because I really enjoy reading the OT threads when I have time. BUT... I was wondering if BTS could create a new Forum area for OT threads like the Peng thread. I use my Palm and Avant Go to suck down about 1 meg of the tips and CM area before going home from work. I then read the threads on the train... the only problem is that long meandering threads like the (very funny) Peng thread fill up my whole memory allocation and I don't get to read any new topics. If I'm just whining about nothing.. tell me to bugger off. If others feel the same way, please comment. I don't have any problem with the threads, it's just my selfishness for wanting an easy way for me to read the threads offline. Thanks and sorry if I offended anyone. I'm not asking for halting any free speech, smile.gif Just asking for OT free speech to please go into another room. wink.gif

regards... Scott Karch

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