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Trouble with PEBM !!!!

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When i try to play an PEBM the person send me an email

and i click download file ( i am with hotmail) i see the file i cant download it in my CPU

so i copy the file and i cut it in another .txt that i just create

is there a better way to function cause its really anoying

and when i cut in the .txt file it dont always work


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There really isn't any way around this, you'll have to put up with copying and pasting frown.gif

It must be said though, that if you have a good system (folders, etc), this process ain't quite so bad.


"War is like the cinema. The best seats are at the back... the front is all flicker."

- Monte Cassino by Sven Hassel

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Guest Rollstoy

No cut and paste needed!

1) Open the e-mail.

2) Click on the attachment. (Show attachment). A window containing the PBEM text will pop up.

3) Right click into the text field.

4) Choose "show source text" from the pop-up menu!

5) The text file will re-opened either with Editor or WordPad, depending on it's size.

6) Save it as 'name.txt' from these programs.

7) Close the windows.

I use the local German version of Hotmail, so the commands might be different than my translations to English!

Happy Gaming,


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