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...at some point next week, hopefully. Unless of course Customs decide to inspect it which case you can add another two weeks on. Believe me I know from experience.

Anyhow, seeing as all (sorry, most) of the US lot will have been playing for over week or more I was wondering if any of my European comrades would be interested in organising any double-blind ganes in advance.

I've listed all the scenarios below. Obviously some are out (Riesberg, CE etc) but if anyone would like to pick one to play against me then I'll make sure I don't play it the minute CM drops on the mat. I'll play any side. If your interested e-mail me or better still post it on here.

A Walk In Paris


All or Nothing



Chance Encounter

Clash Of Eagles

Drop To Destiny


Fear in the Fog

Fire and Movement

First Clash at Cambes


Grosshau Ridge

Ham and Jam

Hamminkelm- We Start Here


L'Abbey Blanche

L'Elle River Crossing

La Fiere

Last Defense

Le Lorey- A Hard Stand

Merry X-mas at Hemroulle

Move it or Lose it

Night at Cheneux


One Long Cold Day

Paratroops on Parade

Polish Airborne at Arnhem

Red Devils


Saarburg- A Way Out

Sherbrooke Fusiliers

Singling Shootout

Small Gain


South of Sword

St. Anne's Chapelle

The Sunken Lane

Valley Of Trouble

Villers Bocage- Tiger!





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I'll take up the challenge as soon as my copy arrives here in the Black Country.

Don't know anything about any of the scenarios so I'll pick 'Sherbrooke Fusiliers', you can pick sides smile.gif you can email me if this is OK.

Here's looking forward to the arrival of ParcelFarce tomorrow...


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Guest Germanboy

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by sniperscope:

Perhaps we can get some type of game going. My German forces against the Brits?

Please let me know.


Sniperscope - send me a set-up for the Sherbrooke Fusiliers, if you don't mind that I am German. But I live in the UK and have friends in Canada, so maybe that helps. You get a reply as soon as the game reaches me, but not before next Saturday.



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I'm getting sick of reading about all the people that has gotten their copy. What annoys me the most is all the newly arrived people, they've already gotten it while I'm still waiting. Let's hope it's in the mail when I get home today.

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howardb - I haven't got my copy yet. I doubt anyone outside the States has. Do you fancy a double blind game? How about Elsdorf, you can chose the side. E-mail me if you're interested.


*I laugh in the face of Fear and tweak the nose of Terror* (Edmund Blackadder circa 1570).

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Gary T:

...at some point next week, hopefully. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>


As of 10:15 CET, this Tuesday June 27, I am the proud owner of a copy of Combat Mission: Beyond Overlord. To all my fellow Europeans in general and fellow Kaaskoppen in particular: the waiting is over, rejoice! smile.gif

Now, this puts me in a difficult position: I work from home, and I really should put off playing CM until this evening. On the other hand, not playing would be a slap in the face to all who haven't got The Game yet, and I wouldn't want to do that, so maybe just a quick peak... wink.gif

See you later!



"A tank is an iron box containing courage." -- Heinz Guderian

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Oh Yes !!!!!!

Happy to hear that Marnix !

Delft .... hmmmm. Too bad i won't be home until until 22:00 tonight, i'll guess I have to pick it up tomorrow at the distribution centre. Or does it fit in the 'brievenbus ' ?

Grtz S bakker.

PS: lucky bastard ! biggrin.gif

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It might be informative and helpful to the rest of us European nervous wrecks trying to work out how long our purgatory is likely to last, to know when you ordered and when your card was charged .

Meantime enjoy......sob sob sob sob.


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s bakker: Yes, it does fit in the brievenbus, it's just a padded envelope (what am I saying, "just" an envelope!) the size of a small magazine.

pcelt: I ordered on May 12th, the shipping date (marked on the label) was June 21st. Six days from the US to here is about as fast as it gets. I haven't got my credit-card receipt yet so I don't know when it was charged.

I hope you guys get yours soon, too! This game is awesome...



"A tank is an iron box containing courage." -- Heinz Guderian

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