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Different Unit Base Color for Germans, Mod?!?!

Guest kking199

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Guest kking199

I turn the unit base color on when I am plotting my movements to help locate and select units. I find the German "Grey" base color hard to pick out on a regular basis, especially within buildings and towns, and certain terrain. Frankly any color that "stands" out would be better to me, all the other base colors are very easy to pick out.

I am assuming this is just a .bmp and could be easily changed. Has anyone created a different base color? If so could you shoot me a copy or tell me where I could find it. If not could someone give it a try, I am sure there are others who would also appreciate this little tweak.

Thanks - Kevin

(I always leave the base color off when I first view the action phase, will turn it on at the end to make sure I didn't miss anything)

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