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Victory Conditions.

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Are the victory conditions in scenarios TOO vague for most of you? Maybe, I'm missing something... confused.gif

I think that victory conditions for each side must be more precise... perhaps, more numerical in nature. For example, I've played a few scenarios that, in conclusion, have me in control of ALL flags, the enemy routed. However, they have a draw in place... is it b/c I lost too many men/didn't kill enough men, etc.? There have been other games I've played that say "hold the bridge/town, etc.".... does that mean if 1 enemy squad is alive in a small building, I lose? Arnhem: Red Devils- my roommate played it as the Germans and went across the bridge on the first battle... there he stayed until the end and the computer called it a MAJOR ALLIED VICTORY?!?!

Its tough to micrmanage your OB in the game if the victory conditions are not extremely precise.


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