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Major, any chance of a Bagdad scen with AI?

John F Monahan

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Great Simulation,

I agree if the “Baghdad Scenario” should be made with all due respect towards both sides of the conflict. Because the American side totally dominates in this scenario, special care should be taken to provide respect in regards to the Iranian people and armed services. The simulation should be made with accurate military information on men and equipment in service with the Iranian Army.

Since most of the scenarios should be a learning experience, (personal opinion) taking the side of the US in this scenario would not provide a great challenge to the operative.

The objective of this scenario would be better suited to manage the Iranian Army. To see if by changing tactics, could the operative do a better job at holding off the US Military than Suddam.

Other scenarios: what if Israel, Iran, and Turkey would have been drawn into the conflict. (What would have happened if France or Germany entered the conflict? What side would they support?) How would this have changed the outcome of any of the battles that occurred during the 2nd Gulf War?

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Originally posted by buena:

which bring us to an interesting point: Is it possible to simulate the more likely type of engagement that the US Army is going to face in the near future, ie. guerrilla warfare?

this was one of the reasons I actually got TacOps4, the ability to simulate civil-military operations with use of the various "civilian" units. Ofc, the program will have difficulty simulating the urban warfare of Groznyy, or the protracted combats of the Eritrean-Ethiopian wars, but with judicious use of the umpire, it is possible to simulate building clearing ops, search and detain, and various other civil-military actions.

For example, using TacOps ANZAC, we were able to game the current Solomon Islands op, and previously, using TacOps4, were able in a limited sense, able to game Operation: Stabilise and in particular, the operation to police the Oecussi Enclave.

We had a MBX/CPX of limited variety regarding the recent action in the Indonesian province of Aceh, and the outcome of an Australian led intevention force - gave some insights into assigning ROEs, and in particular, policing the AOE, with Indonesian BRIMOB and Kopassus forces sneaking into the province through "cleared" areas.

Great fun had by all, except the 3RAR CO for the CPX, who lost a lot of Blackhawks to well sited Kopassus SAM units ;)

For the next CPX/MBX we want to try a Russian/Chechen scenario similar to the Battle of Ulus-Kert in the Argun Gorge in March 2000. But thus far, TacOps4/ANZAC has been able to support nay of our civil-military gamed scenario.

Note: I'm not that big a fan of "normal" scenarios, so things like this are more the norm in our CPXs and jusst regular games on a weekend smile.gif

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When I run a unit on guerrilla warfare I use

Tac Ops 4 all the time.

running resupply convoys where little kids would pull anti tank mines accross a road. Circa Vietnam. Also snipers in higher ground and hit and run attacks like (B-40s-Mortars) also zippo raids into suspected hostile villages. Matter of fact had to simulate a court martial an Lt. that decided to use 81mm on a village w/o a check before hand. He reasond that snipers had hit his teams enough to justify using such force to take out an known enemy stronghold while the prosecution argued that a few snipers did not make a whole village an enemy strong hold. All very interesting when teaching both guerilla warfare and the old system of Articles of War.

Use guerillas both ways however that makes a game most interesting.

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