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Arnhem Scenario Available at...

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The Shameless Plug:

Accurate map of 1944 Arnhem city area at the highway bridge's northern ramp. Drawn from 3 sources including 1944 aerial photography and other photos.

Detailed listing of British Airborne units. Including Officer names of those still remaining "in command" on Wednesday September 20th.

Some Examples:

Number 3 Platoon, A Coy, 2nd PARA Battalion, Lt McDermott.

Number 2 Platoon, A Coy, 2nd PARA Battalion, Lt Grayburn (posthumously awarded the V.C.).

HQ Troop, Royal Engineers, 1st Air Brigade, Capt Mackay.

American Liason, 1st Air Brigade, Lt Todd.

Acting Commander 2nd PARA Battalion, Major Tatham-Warter (one person, of many, who formed the conglomerated, umbrella carrying character in the movie "A Bridge Too Far").

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Details without spoilers? Well...

I've drummed multiple ideas about this battle for a long, long time. Operations cannot accurately represent what happened to the Brits on the northern approaches to the bridge (as I see it).

I decided to take Frost's final day. Not try to estimate which buildings were rubble, which units had ammo, or who was alive, beyond-which the excellent source's clear statements.

I plugged in: who and where, as far as the Brits, and built a group of continually escalating German units.

Test it. Play it by email against human opponets and give me feedback.


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Guest Madmatt

No, it is accessed via the CMHQ Scenario Depot link off of CMHQ.



If it's in Combat Mission, it's on Combat Mission HQ!

Combat Mission HQ

CMHQ-Annex, The Alternative side of Combat Mission


Host of the Combat Mission WebRing

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I looked at the "player ratings" and my scenario obviously NEEDS ALOT OF WORK.

For those who have tested it-- please post some input.

I have some ideas to better fit the action into "game terms," and feel the Germna forces need increased in size etc.

Advice please.

Stoner, aka Not Ready for Prime Time Player

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