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Hey where is my Ammo Truck??? And any good idea

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Hello BTS Team,

in Battle`s over 30 and more rounds is a big problem, AMMO!!!!!!! frown.gif

I think an Ammo Truck is a good and interesting unit.

The rubble field looks like not so good. Broken walls i missed.( MOD maker`s come on!!!)

Where is the german KRAD motorcycle unit?

Why can`t Engineer`s lay mines?

Please patch up. Thank`s for the listening and the great and funny game!! biggrin.gif

Greetings Shogi

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Sir, keep in mind the time period of a game. The game is designed around what happens once the bullets start flying.

Ammo truck, this has been hashed around and I agree with the results. You only have the bullets in your pockets. Forget about stealing from the dead, this isn't Duke Nukem.

Rubble looks ok for now and there are so many things I would rather see done.

The KRAD. I don't feel that the hybrid saw serious use on the Western front and certainly saw more use as a support vehicle around airfields. I would prefer it when we get the ability to do serious airborne ops such as Crete.

Engineers and mines, time problem again. They do their business before the battle starts.

I don't see any real patches. They are working on the Eastern front which is the real WWII as far as I am concerned.


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i think there is little historical justification for an Ammo Truck appearing onto the battlefield during the action, althought it might, from another pov, be a good and interesting unit.

If one were to appear in the middle of a firefight, imagaine how unhappy you might be if it rolled up to one of your squads and got hit by an enemy mortar round. Boom! No more sqad, no more truck.

Resupply happens between battles in operations, though.

Try to keep your infantry from shooting until they get close enough to do some damage -- usually that's under 100 meters, depending on terrain. That way you won't waste ammo at long range.

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There are ways to avoid wasting ammunition. Keep your men out of sight of the enemy until you're ready to attack (or until your opponent attacks). Don't order squads to fire at long range – use a machinegun. Order your vehicles to button up. Ammunition expenditure is all part of the challenge of a battle. Resupplies do not happen in the timeframe of a CM battle – only between the battles in an Operation.

CM currently does not currently model semi-destroyed buildings. This should be enhanced in CM2. Walls cannot be added, as modification is restricted to textures. Do not be fooled, though – rubble may look flat, but it provides good cover.

As MikeT says, mine laying is also outside the timeframe of a CM battle. You can 'lay' mines when you start a battle on the defence, as this simulates them having been laid beforehand.



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