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O/T - Interesting Korean War Article

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Today's Washington Post newspaper (www.washingtonpost.com) has a well-written article on how unprepared the U.S. Army was when the Korean War broke out. The article begins like this -


Unprepared to Fight

Steve Vogel

Washington Post Staff Writer

Monday, June 19, 2000; Page B01

First in a series

Watching from a hillside, 2nd Lt. Carl Bernard figured his nervous men couldn't shoot straight as they fired time and again at the column of 33 North Korean tanks rolling down a highway 30 yards away.

So he snatched a bazooka himself, took aim and fired. To his shock, the rocket bounced off a tank. The 2.36-inch bazooka rockets the U.S. soldiers had been given could not penetrate the heavy armor of the T-34 tanks.

"They didn't hurt the tanks. This was sobering," said Bernard, who is now 74 and lives in Alexandria. "We didn't know that the piece-of-trash bazookas we were carrying didn't do anything but annoy [the North Korean] tankers."

It was a harbinger of things to come for the U.S. troops in Korea.


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I've been reading a lot on Korea lately, and a lot of what I'm reading confirms the impotence of the "2.36-inch bazooka rockets" vs. the T-34. Not to mention the general level of unpreparedness and general ass-kickin' we got at the beginning, and again from the Chicoms.

I may have mentioned this before... but Korea is SO CM!

One thing I really liked about the SP2 scenarios was the special feeling you get from shooting communists. biggrin.gif I suppose this makes me a bad person.

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