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Another favorable mention for BTS & CM

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Press summary... the same goes with Pelit magazine, which is in every aspect the largest PC games magazine in Finland. They haven't yet reviewed it because when they ordered the game it was sold out, but it'll be handled in the next issue. Anyway, in this issue the editor Niko Nirvi (the grand old man of Finnish game journalism) deals with the same subject in his column. On that page is a picture of Königstiger from CM, CM is mentioned several times, as well as Charles Moylan. I'll translate one sentence which tells enough about how it is going to be rated: "Already after playing the game fiercely for a weekend I dare to declare Combat Mission as a revolutionary evolutionary strategy game and one of my Game of Year -nominees."

BTS, prepare for more orders from Finland... and CM Borg, it's time to practise some languages.

"Teidät on assimiloitu.

Vastarinta on turhaa."

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