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A scary tech-support moment - Read Before Panicking

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So, I got my copy of CM today. I popped in the CD, lookin' good. Opened the README, and I noticed at the top instead of "COMBAT MISSION: BEYOND OVERLORD" it said "ION: BEYOND OVERLORD". "Hmm," I thought, "looks like something slipped by QA." Then I opened the scenario folder on the CD, but only saw about 3 scenario files in it. "Odd," I thought, perhaps they are compressed as data and the installer will take care of it. So I tried to launch the installer.

Error: The application could not run due to an error of type -199.

Ack! Heart ... pounding! Chest ... heaving! Drama ... building!

I did a "get info" on the CM application and my machine crashed.

Now I'm seriously bumming. But I kept my cool. I reasoned that maybe the CD isn't defective but it's having problems with my CD-ROM drive. So I checked the CD-ROM Toolkit control panel and saw that the "Fast" option was turned on. I turned it off, rebooted, and hoped.

All is well! The CD is fine, the "typo" in the README is gone, installed without a hitch. [i'm on a mac, btw.] So if you have problems with the CD, try a few options and check things before you freak out.

Off to win the war!

Best regards,


Leland J. Tankersley

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