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Trying to use the 'more maps' folder

Big Duke 6

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I just downloaded some scenarios off the marine corps TDG page and some of them require maps that come from the 'more maps' folder. However, when I try and load the scenario, it asks me for the map file. When I try to go to that map, the map file ends in .dat

I noticed the basic maps that are not in the 'more maps' folder end in .map

So how do I use the 'more maps' to play or create a scenario?


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ok, i think I got the answer to that one.

Here's a better one. I am trying to print off paper copies of some of these larger maps (781c, for example). I have no problem copy/pasting the jpeg into a Power Point presentation, which is my normal way to print the maps. However, the maps in Jpeg are generally missing the gridlines.

The actual map file has them when I open the game. Doing a screen capture/print won't work too well because these maps would take numerous screen shots to print out, and then I'd have to use cut and paste (literally) using a pair of siccors and some tape. Is there something I'm missing to get the gridlines to show up?

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