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PANIC !!! Please SteveG or Anyone read !

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This is the mail i sent too Steve :

Am i wrong ! Do i have too little money ?

Date: Wed, 14 Jun 2000 23:17:36 +0200

To: Steve Grammont

From: Björn Elfström

Subject: ARRGG!!!!!!!Re: Problem with your Combat Mission order

I've got 660 Swedish krona on the account NOW !

And 9 (8.65)Sek = 1 US $.

660/9=73 ====> 73 $ on the account

37 $ + 14 $ = 51 $ That should be enough !

Account # is :

xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx

and it say valid thru 11-01 (and i have picked out money this evening)

Elfström Björn (Gustav Seved)


Ålvägen 7

857 51 Sundsvall

I don't know if you have problem to see what the special characters should look like, or if the problem is too reproduce them.

If it is the first look at the attached picture (SteveG.JPG).

If you have the problem too reproduce the character all I can say is that it is there somewhere behind some Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Del+F+U+P Commando.

I guess you can replace it with a A (in emergency, because it will take the Swedish mail some extra days to sort it manually).

Please try again, and let me now how things work out!

Björn Elfström


At 02:49 2000-06-14 -0700, Steve G wrote:

>Hello Bjorn,


>The credit card you used to preorder Combat Mission is for some reason

>invalid because of the expiration date. The card we have on file is a

>Master Card with the last four numbers being xxxx. If you have the same

>card with a different expiration date you can just send that. Otherwise,

>please place a new order, let me know that you have done so, and I will

>update your OLD order with the new information. I will of course keep

>your preorder intact and delete the newer order so that you don't get two



>Oh, and how do you spell your town's name wihout special characters? At

>the moment I can only make a guess as the original order came in with







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