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tcp/ip option suggestion

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I know that the tcp/ip option will be delivered in a patch. Givin the type of battles that are going to be fought it is highly likely that players will be spending a lot of time waiting for the other side to finish giving orders(especially when one side is primarily on the offense and the other is mostly static) Therefore I came up with an *silly* idea that will help pass the time while waiting.

The game could have a mode to play common games against an AI while you wait. You could choose to play from a number of easy to code, or borrowed code, games that would only use part of the screen to pass the time. The game would pause when both sides were ready and you can resume next turn if needed(or the next.

Some possibilities are:




Video Poker


other games that are not copy-righted

Maybe it can be translucent wih a prompting that the other player is done,with an auto save.

I know a lot of people will be thinking "Thats the time that I will use for my strategy making"

Well when that is done it would be nice to do something without exiting the game.

Is it a good idea or a lame one? What are your thoughts?

P.S. Im not saying that it has to be 3-d or state of the art, just a plain old-fashioned 2-d interface that will help with the boredom.

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Actually, is there any reason you couldn't do that now? A properly behaved Mac or Windows program could be put into a small window and you could look at or play with whatever wink.gif you wanted while waiting for the other player to finish. Just watch the window for the TCP/IP move to come in, then maximize it to see the results. Yes?

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I'll probably just be sending PBEM turns while I wait. If you want to try out TCP/IP out right now, just get in an IM chat room with a couple of sad-masochistic speed freaks like Elvis and Peng along with an cruelly evil bastard like Berlichingen to boot. Then start trying to keep up with turns flying in and out over the stuccatto of Peng's insane prattle while Elvis posts where he is at in his current bong hit and Berli cackles maniacially.

Now when am I ever going to have time to play TCP/IP?

Goannas at work.

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