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HHMMMM....Seems the "History Channel" WW2 discussion group has not heard of CM yet.

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Recently, some CM fans here had posted notice of CM on the History Channel-UK debate forum. On a parallel check, I decided to seek out discussion forums for the US version of the History Channel. It's quite a bit more involved here; first, the discussion groups are broken into categories, one of which includes "Wars". Under this, a subcategory exists for WW2.

ANNNNDDDD....within this subcategory is one posted topic asking for recommendations on "good computer wargames". Insofar, there's no mention of CM, although the Panzer Campaign & Close Combat series have already been discussed in this thread.

Well, I registered for that forum, but I won't be able to post anything until much later tonight. If anyone else wants to post something for CM sooner, here is the link:


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