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I Need Your Testing Expertise!!!

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I've designed a scenario with assault boats, thus the AI can only play as the Germans. I've had it tested by single players a bit already and made some tweaks, and it's almost done. Next thing I need is to have two kind folks PBEM or Hotseat the game.

It's a fictional scenario, and here's the description:

February 24, 1945

The Saar River, Germany

Clear and Cold with Damp Ground Conditions

45 Turns

After a tenacious battle in the Saar-Moselle Triangle, the Third Army breaks through to the Saar River. Patton's troops have become adept at river crossings by this point in the war, but the region of Rodt-Taben is different. The island of Adlerinsel lies astride a crucial crossing point of the Saar. It's a tiny island, but it contains a former sawmill that the Germans have presumably converted into a fortress. The Germans blew the only local bridge yesterday, so "Eagle Island" must be assaulted directly. The Germans have been fighting tenaciously since Third Army first stepped foot on the soil of the Fatherland, and this looks to be another chance for them stall the allied advance. In an effort to assist the efforts of XX Corp, SHAEF has released elements of the 101st Airborne, for the assault on Adlerinsel. It will be up to the Screaming Eagles to forcibly evict the German Engineers manning the defenses of the crucial island.

Email me if you're interested, and I'll send the .cmb file. Any help is GREATLY appreciated.


Rob Varak


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