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fighting in modern cities

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this might seem way off the topic, but

having just done a street fighting scenario, and witnessed the carnage. Has any thought

been considered in fighting in multi storied

buildings-in highly dense areas - e.g. lets

say you had to take New York City. (no I'm

not talking about CM modelling this -just

what problems one might encounter how to deal

with it, more bloodier than Stalingrad, etc.


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This is one of the things the US military is most concerned about now.

In short you have two choices...

1. Blow the entire city apart and send men in to count the bodies.

2. Try to take the city block by block and lose tens of thousands of men.

Of course, the hidden third and fourth options are:

3. Bypass the city and starve em out

4. Nuke the city.

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