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simulating elitism

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how do you define elitism in a squad? if we take it say 4 men have seen combat and the rest none, are they(the elite) going to spend their time imparting the finer points of surviving in a battle,or are they going to just try to stay alive.

Are the green guys going to spend their time watching the elite guys or are they going to learn the hard way.

this is what happened throughout the war (and other wars) the veterans\elite carried on learning,using their skills for themselves.

The green guys only learnt the hard way.Its a sad fact that only the switched on green guys survived to become veterans.

It makes no difference to a unit at the point of attack, elite guys hide,take cover this is how they have survived by letting others take the risks.

green guys do what appear risky things because they know no better,if they live they become craftier,learn how to let others do the risky things.

an elite unit may appear to be more cowardly

than a green unit.However veterans and elite troops have survived by taking less chances,by knowing when to advance/retreat,even when to totally ignore their foe.

Elite and for that matter veteran does not mean they are super soldiers,so on the cm battlefront if your elite soldiers do not do what you want/think they should do,dont get mad thats how they have survived for so long


I learnt to survive the war by letting others take the front,let some other fool die for his country..... marine 1969 2 tours vietnam now police sgt.

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...on a board full of grognards, it hardly seems necessary to simulate elitism... wink.gif

IMO high troop quality ("veteran" and above) means more than experience or surviving battles. It can also represent special training, motiviation and other factors. So an elite unit in their first action could still be considered high-quality in CM.


Leland J. Tankersley

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