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Broke the Code

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I just logged on and there is a new update already! I am still trying to digest everything that's in 1.04 and we're moving on to 1.05... biggrin.gif

I had to think about this a little bit but I think I've got it now - the truth is, there will never be a CM2, CM3, or CM4! Quick! Grab me before I faint!!!!!

The pattern is emerging and the mists are fading... ...I see patches, lots of patches, like these:


Combat Mission (THE Game to end all games)

1.01 to 1.09

BTS declares they are cleaning up the 'system' and correcting bugs. Gamers worldwide impressed with their diligence and support. People everywhere rush to buy the game, even if they don't have computers - so desparate have they been to see a business, any business, provide real "support."

1.10 to 1.19

BTS declares addition of small improvements like additional terrain and gameplay mechanics.


BTS declares a little additional flavor to the game by adding a few vehicles - Eastern Front German panzers and the entire Russian Army.

1.21 to 1.29

(See 1.01 to 1.09 and 1.10 to 1.19)


BTS throws a little more spice on the meal by adding a few vehicles, including the Desert Rats and the Afrika Korps.

1.31 to 1.39

(See 1.21 to 1.29)


BTS melds in a few additional items by including all of the world's armies, and their vehicles, active between 1930 and 1940.

1.41 to 1.49

(See 1.31 to 1.39)


Having recovered from their lonnnnnnggggg visit in the Rest Home, BTS meisters Steve and Charles, with a newly rampant interest in the Pacific Theater will release their first mod - Struggle of Titans - the M3 Lee challenges Chi-Ha for supremacy!

1.51 to 1.59

Never done - the BTS boys have a relapse and lose all interest again.


Combat Linux - to be released as open source by BTS shortly after their acquisition of Microsoft. The acquisition provides Bill Gates with some new responsibilities - waxer extraordinaire for the collection of armored vehicles BTS gains when they buy Aberdeen Proving Grounds.

OK... the mists are starting to close in again....


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