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Opinions on the US WWII Memorial

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Just noticed the official design appears to have been approved.


I rather like it, although the traditionalist in me expected to see a big bronze Sherman and a squad of soldiers. Comments?


“Out in front every one is holding out. Every one. My grenadiers and my engineers and my tank crews – they’re all holding their ground. Not a single man is leaving his post. They are lying silent in their foxholes for they are dead.” – Gen. Fritz Bayerlein on an order to hold his position

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As a charter member of the WWII Memorial, I offer my 2 cents:

1st: I encourage everyone who has not already donated to do so. I felt obligated to do so both because of my grandfather's service, and because it seemed only right given the amount of time I spend playing games and building models based on the real life sacrifices of others.

2nd: This design, like any, was a compromise and though I personally like the squad with the Sherman tank idea, I think it was necessary to find a design that would be inclusive of all branches of the service and of all races- and rightly so.

Lastly: I feel the design, at this point, is slightly less important than actually getting the thing built while some of that Greatest Generation are still around to feel our appreciation of their sacrifices.

Thanks for the sounding board.

von Fauster

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I think its rather classy as war memorials should be.

I hope it DOESNT have lots of statues of soliders or too much text which to my mind generally cheapens the memory of the dead.

I suppose this maybe a matter of cultural taste.

I still remember passing the memorial in the village where I grew up as a lad (in england) and reading the names of the dead from the great war, at least one from each village family including my own.

Seeing that every day on the way to school sure did have an impact reminding me of the sacrifices of our ancestors.



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