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Sitting Ducks?

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After reading through CMHQ's Air Attack pages, I was wondering if you could create a scenario that had units whose sole purpose was to sit there and die?

I'm thinking about a scenario where you as the ground commander have to wipe out a heavy flak emplacement before your bombers (who are en route to drop their payload on a city further away) have to fly over this flak-infested hillside. If you can't get the AA guns quick enough, you're going to have planes falling out of the sky left and right; killing your score.

But I don't want the planes (who have a different mission anyway) to be able to participate in destroying the AA emplacements. Can you create those sitting (er - flying) ducks in CM? If you give them a loadout of zero bombs and ammo, will they still show up at all? Or might they immediately bug out?

Also, how does a unit that doesn't bother to show up in the scenario (such as the squadron that aborted in CMHQ's demo) affect your score?


- Chris

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