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Leadership Bonuses and Experience

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Hi all,

Am I right in assuming that the "+1" or "+2" levels in leadership bonuses are relative to the commander's experience? In other words, that a Green platoon leader with a "+2" combat icon is roughly equal to a Regular P.L. with a "+1" combat icon (and that both are equal to a Veteran P.L. with no combat icon at all)?

This allows some nuances in setting up commanders in scenarios. Compare a Green Lieutenant with a couple of +2's to a Regular Lieutenant with no bonuses. The former (perhaps an eager and talented replacement) is actually better at directing his soldiers, but is still not used to the sound of explosives and the presence of people trying to kill him. The latter (a tired but tested grunt without a real flair for inspiring soldiers) is not as good at directing his soldiers' fire (perhaps he doesn't care any more?), but he is still less likely to panic when he gets into combat one more time.

Perhaps this is all obvious, but it allows a certain amount of "role-playing" when you think about it.

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