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How do you fight?

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A while ago cruising through some Shogun sites I came across some advice that suggested that you shoul dalways fight thinking how can I keep as many as my men alive in this.

A constant problem to real life commanders I suppose having (only been the grun on the ground in real life) is to wonder how they can achieve objectives whilst keeping as many men alive as they can.

I am just curious how do you plan your games, please don't just disgaurd this as a gamey chat, it could be very interesting to see the replies and helpful to us newbies to the game.

I tend to try and play the games as realistically as I could in real life, maximise damage to the enemy while keeping as many as my people alive and uninjured as possible, no suicide missions or anything like that. Consequently my games are very slow and tend to go right to the end of the rounds allowed with me only being halfway through the mission and normally gaining a slight tactical victory.

How about yourselves? Please give as much detail as you can without giving away everything, do you use actual tactics from WW2 resources, perhaps you use modern tatcics which should have learnt from old mistakes or you just go for it, Command and Conquer tank rush!

Thanks for any time spent on this.


Well, I thought if I owned the bullet with my name on it I wouldn't get shot, because I'm not going to shoot myself.

Mores the pity....

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