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Question is "Is it possible to make true leadership experiment with Combat Mission?"

Here is one quick little idea of modelling the true leadership in Combat Mission.

To do this first you have to make a simple scenario (defend) in Company scale. (choose also some pretargets)

Then follow next basic house rules.

- You yourself are in the company commander group

- Make setup and give first orders so far away to the future as it is possible and reasonable.

- In playing you have to keep view all the time in lowest stage locked to company commander group where ever he (or she) is.

- Ordering subordinates is possible if you can do that with earlier explained rule.

- You are permit to use review of minute only one and first time. So you have to make your decisions of situations with that information. Hopefully you have good sound card to pick important sound courses...

- You can view around 360 degrees in your command group with a movement of about 5 meter.

- To get better view of situation you can of course move with different styles. But remember earlier rules.

- If last of your command groups men is lost so of course your war is also over.

And then some advanced house rules.

- If your stance is hide, crawl or run it is only possible to look 180 degrees from your place. Be aware that locked option is lost when you do this. So be ready to move your view forward at the same time with group.

- It is possible to jump QUICK in that view minute to your platoon leaders and get the situation briefing of that place. (modelling signal systems...)

- To simulate your messenger soldiers pick pair of sharpshooters. Put this to find out what is happening on use somewhere use same system that in earlier paragraph.

Other rules.

- Use cars or other vehicles like usually to command vehicle purposes. Lock view to these when you are embarked.

- If this kind of playing feels too easy, attack, take more troops, bad weather and so on....


Any idea how to put more realism in this "Leadershipmod"?

How about combat messengers, communication systems, reporting situations, signaling with hands or some other elements like lightpistol and lightbullets?

Can we see this without houserules in future patch of CM or CM2 or CM5...? Is this a vision or hallucination? wink.gif

TRY this mod and feel the problems of battletime leadership! WAR IS NOT SO SIMPLE.

Best Regards to every fan of The Combat Mission: Best Wargame Ever Made. biggrin.gif

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Pasu:

Is this a vision or hallucination? wink.gif<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

A hallucination.

CM was not designed as a "single command", "down on the ground" combat game. These views are modeled to get a more precise recollection of the lay of the land when plotting moves.

This style of play has been discussed before, but it really doesn't work well with the rest of the scope and complexity of the game. This isn't Hidden & Dangerous you know. wink.gif

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Is this a vision or hallucination?<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

A combination of both - vision, hallucination, and hard drugs.

I wouldn't worry about making life more difficult for yourself when playing Combat Mission.

It may be realistic, but it isn't photorealistic - that will have to wait for my mods - and in real life you would have had the smell of war to guide your actions.

So you are proposing an enforced realism mode - I am not sure how popular that would be.

I would invest in a copy of Quake 4 and leave it at that.


Great Quotes

Maximus: "And what's that Rob? The rest of the world doesn't care? I can assure you that when Boris Yeltsin stepped down in Russia last New Years, the world cared. Oh wait, you live in Canada. That's right, Canada only cares 'aboot' Canada. The whole world could be on the brink of destruction and as long as Canadian soil isn't involved, they could care less. Does the phrase, "Isolationist China" mean anything to ya?"

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Jep! Im happy that it isnt "Hidden and Dangerous" type game... wink.gif

But first time we have a commercial game where realism and modelling really hits the point. So there could be option in future to play it in locked leadership mode. Im sure that kind of thing would be hard to do, but the main engine in game could give possibilities to that....?

Sir Bates and Maximus did you try it jet? Do it with very loud 3D-sounds in dark room. It feels good! wink.gif

Hoi Hops!

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