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PBEM: Freeze at password screen

Guest Stuurm

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Guest Stuurm

I am about 16 moves into Reisburg by PBEM. I have asked the fellow I'm playing with to resend his move three times (due to its' size it must be the vid). I even sent the move before hand again (I always keep it because these sorts of things will always happen :) Still getting the below problem. Help!

Each time I get to the password screen, I cannot type anything in.

I press the continue button and I'm crashed back to the desktop (with no error message).

I've played successful email games before and I was wondering if any one else has a bug like this.

The single player game still works.

SPECS: Pii 400

2 sli linked Diamond monster II cards

(12 meg each)

128 meg of ram

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