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Artillery and indirect fire?

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I believe the official explanation is that the time it takes to register the guns and set up TRPs is beyond the scope of the battles in CM. I hope that CM2 allows for indirect fire by in-board artillery as long as a spotter is present, like the way it is currently done with on-board mortars.

Do a search and you will find a lot more on this subject.

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IIRC from the intermindable discussions on this subject last winter smile.gif there are 2 main reasons why on-board guns (as opposed to mortars) can't shoot indirect fire.

1. Minimum Range

The minimum indirect fire range for a true artillery piece is longer than the map in most CM battles.

2. Doctrine

Infantry guns, which are not true artillery pieces, were designed primarily for direct fire. They were the original assault guns. Sure, they could shoot indirectly, but this required a lot of preparation to set them up as arty, which is assumed not to happen on-map. And if it did, you'd have a minimum range problem with them as well.



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