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battle message translations

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first of all, hello to everyone.

normally i'm just lurking in the background and enjoy this forum, the *incredible* feedback from BTS, and of course this great game.

while browsing this forum, i noticed some threads about the voiced messages and their translation.

now, i figured out a little thingy.

the wav-files in the wav subdirectory follow

certain rules.

00001xxx -> american

00002xxx -> german

so, to translate, say 00002010, simply bring up 00001010.

there are, however, some exceptions to this:

00001011 "they're coming straight for us" and

00001040 "we surrender" have no counterpart in german.

00002013 "Volle Deckung" -> "take full cover"

00002014 "Deckung" -> "take cover"

00002034 "Hilfe" -> "help"

00002035 "ich bin getroffen" -> "i'm hit"

00002036 "die haben mich erwischt" -> "they got me"

00002041 "Kamerad, Kamerad" -> "comrade, comrade"

since i never used a mac, i don't know, if these observations are relevant for it.

hope this helps a bit


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