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RE: "MESSAGE TO M.BATES" thread (2 or 3 pages back). I can quite understand why you locked up my previous thread, i was out of order, but the ONLY reason i posted publically was because the guy in question (M.Bates) doesn't seem to realise that "stealing" from other sites is wrong. So that doesn't just affect me, it affects ALL CM webmasters. So i didn't think it would be appropriate to keep it to myself....I will give you his own words - "I don't think there is anything wrong in principle in linking to files directly" (See "New Scenario Berlin Scenario" thread). Now, i know that you run a site (a great one at that) and seeing how he was linking DIRECTLY to files on my site and YOUR sites i think that i should post that publically. Who's next!?

It would be quite easy for anybody to set up a site that linked directly to all the hard work that a CM webmasters have done, but don't you think that that would negate the need for ANYBODY to try and run a CM site?.

BTW - Great work you and the guys are doing, and all the best in your new job.


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Guest Madmatt

I appreciate your concerns but it has always been my belief that matters like this, that could be due to a misunderstanding, are better left off the forum and dealt with via email.

I was not mad at you and it seems it's just a difference of opinion between all the parties involved. I am sure he got the message and leaving the thread *live* was un-necessary and trust me, it would have gotten out of hand. In the same vein I know going to lock this one up as well. A padlock doesn't mean what is said isn't heard, it just means that the thread has run it's course and time is better spent elsewhere.


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