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TacOps Ladder still going


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  • 1 year later...

Something I would like to add on this note: we did have a very basic TacOps ladder at Warfare HQ at one time (about a year ago) and only a handful of TacOps players used it. One of the major reasons why it wasn't popular was that there was no mechanism to track how balanced a particular scenario was. Allow me to address this.

The new ladder will be open for business very soon and it is head and shoulders above the old one. First, it is fully automated and has more info than the old one. Second, it does contain a mechanism for tracking not only each player's individual statisitcs, but it will also track each scenario individually. That means you will be able to look for a particular scenario, see how many times it was played, and what the results were. If that isn't enough, it will also contain the ability to have a "mini AAR" each time an endgame is reported for that scenario.

I would hightly encourage TacOps players to start reporting their games once the ladder is fully operational. Even if you are not interested in competitive play (most Warfare HQ members aren't), the ladder will still serve its primary purpose as an opponents registry and to track scenario balance. You're going to love it!

I will make an announcement when the TacOps ladder is up and running.

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The short path ...


Click on the button labeled "New Thread"


The long path ...


Click on link "Modern Military Simulations"

Click on link "TacOps"

Click on link "After Action Reports"

Click on button labeled "New Thread"


Write or paste your text report into the blank message entry form that should now be on your screen.

I have not tried this but it appears that one could add a zipped set of replay files to an AAR message by clicking on the button labeled "Manage Attachments" at the bottom of the message entry form. A window will then appear that seems to provide an uploading service to the server that will link the uploaded files to the message.

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Thx, Major.

It looks though that you need a username and password to post AARs.

I registered yesterday under "Rattler" (which, I suppose, will be the user name?) and was rewarded with a window claiming "successful" registration. A password was not mentioned during the process.

Still, since this I have not heard back and certainly not received a password.

Am I doing something wrong?


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I now got a registration confirmation, but no password.

Hitting the "Forgot Password?" link asks me to put in the email I registered under and hit a button. Did this, got the reply "This email does not correspont to an email we know".

Hmmm. Still not able to post anything.



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