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OK, Let me get this straight....


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After reading some previous posts, some people are saying that Single Player Custom Scenario's are not possible? Yet the website for Tacops 4.0 says nothing specific. Am I misunderstanding something? I'd like to get this game if it's fully customizable, but if I can't even create single player missions, I'm not interested.

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Well, you change your forces, and do whatever you want as far your side goes. You can decide to pursue different objectives, or what have you, but you cannot change the enemy AI. You cannot change their objectives or tactics, although you can usually change their forces (or at least add and subtract from them). And most scenarios are offered in different variations, ie. with different enemy strength/equipment/timetables/numbers, so there is a lot of room for change. And the CPXs (if you like online play) are pretty much unlimited in what you can do.

So, no, it doesn't really have a single-player mission editor, but there's still a lot of room to monkey around with the scenarios given.

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The current TacOps engine can only play scenarios which are prepared to be played by the AI, and the preparation cannot be done by anyone but the Major. You can change the units in such a scenario within limits and the AI will use them. However, if you save such a game the AI already decided on one of the several embedded plans, so to play it again you would have to change the units from scratch again (which doesn't take much time).

It is important to note that one long-term TacOps player claims not to play humans ever, but nontheless stays with the game for years now.

I attribute that mainly to these facts:

1) while you cannot throw in new scenarios you have at least a good AI. The TacOps AI is entirely capable of a decent, nonpredictable attack, something that e.g. the Combat Mission AI is not capable of.

2) many hoppy wargamers like to play defense because for the quick before-bedtime game it gives a better quote of tanks blown up per minutes of plotting. This make point 1) more important.

Overall, I have to say that continued play fun against the AI is not much less in TacOps.

That is not to say that the AI situation in TacOps is especially brillant, but as a matter of fact an AI like Combat Mission's might be able to play any scenario, but unfortunately not on a level which would guarantee endless game fun.

The CM AI can put up a good fight, especially in scenarios designed with AI guidance in mind. But on the other hand you have a lot of scenarios in TacOps, and by the nature of the game they have much high replayability (no single surprise items like a Tiger here and an 88 there).

Unless your exclusive goal is to do military experimentation by making new scenarios and trying them for combat mechanics I would say that the lack of an independent AI shouldn't prevent you from getting TacOps.

Now, if the Major would get me some hooks to plug my own AI into his game already, I'd be all set smile.gif

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