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Mid May???

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My view was this :

Bts indicated it would be done and shipped towards the end of may

To me this means : 3rd week shipped

then they said the demo A a few weeks earlier

to me that meant : 3 weeks sooner (otherwise we wouldnt have pleanty of time with it as indicated)

so this means

MONDAY IS MAY 1st smile.gif

Ok I'm hopeful smile.gif



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Well in any event in the next couple of days we'll probably be getting Steve's monthly update. Hopefully he'll be able to pin the release date down a little closer for us. (I hope,I hope,I hope) smile.gif



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SS_ediblepanties stop your rumor starting and giving of false hope now.

And I can think of a very good reason why someone would rather the demo come out on th e8th rather than now. My wife who is a CM dabbler (and could still kick SSs butt) has a paper and final exam this coming week. If the demo were to come out Monday she would not do the paper and probably fail the final exam. If not because she was playing than because I was hogging the computer.

On a more serious note...I have noticed that since the release date was announced I have been much more calm in my anticipation. It must be because I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am at peace with myself. BTS, giving up that info was the best thing you guys did since the last best thing you did.


"Tryin to be so so bad is bad enough, don't make me laugh by talkin tough" EC

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Guest Ol' Blood & Guts

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by getthat_wreckoff_theroad:

I read on one of the threads somewhere that Gold demo would be out approx 1-2 weeks before the game is released. smile.gif Maybe May 15-20th ???????????????<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

That's my guess. 'Cause if you look at the calendar, the last week of May starts on the 29th. And two weeks prior to that is the week of the 15th. Which is actually the THIRD week of May. So yeah, I'm guessing that week, although the Gold Demo may come out sometime in the previous week of the 8th.

I'd say anytime in those two weeks is the Gold Demo. No rumor blubberish here, just good deductive reasoning, IMO.


"Fear is the path to the Dark Side.

Fear leads to anger.

Anger leads to hate.

Hate leads to suffering."

--Jedi Master Yoda

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by SS_PanzerLeader:

Let me get this right BORIS, you would rather see the demo on MAY 8th than MAY 1st?


hmmmmmmmmmmmn eek.gif


Do not get me wrong I wish cool.gif it will be released today but I have been waiting for almost 2 yaers and another week will not matter. I fact I have been waiting for almost 20 years since the Commodore 64 came out for some one to make a game like SL or Tobruke.

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Guest Mikeman

Things rarely go as planned. We will probably be installing the game on D-Day, and drooling over the demo about the 25th of May.

Mikeman out.

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Guest tom w

NOW that's the RABIB enthusiasm that PvK was refering to

There's a committed and enthusiatic fan for you.

I just hope I can download the demo before the

Canadian Victoria Day Long week (May 20- 22)

Is that not the Memorial Day Long weekend for you Americans?

-tom w

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Blindicide:

As long as something is out by the 27th May I don't mind 'cos I've got a weeks holiday booked with the sole intention of sitting in front of my computer playing CM. biggrin.gif<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

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