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Is TacOps 4 suit a virtual marine corps?


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Hi all,

I, a commander of Chinese virtual fleet, is looking for a game to meet the requirement of the marine part. As we don't want to set up any game server and "shooting" games such as Operation Flashpoint are always limited with number of players, it seems that a modern military sim game like TacOps 4 or so is the best choice. But by demo testing, I've found that the display mode was really killing me, just minor problem though.

My question is that if this game suit all or most requiry of a virtual marine corps, which means there must be some way to simulate amphibious warfare, such proper map, units and supports and so on.

I have been playing battlefront's game for a long time, but mostly demoes. It's should not be a personal decision though, could you please tell me more about this?

thanx in advance!

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If by "Marine" you mean "ships" then there are no amphibious ships in TacOps.

There are small boats or "landing craft" and there are vehicles that can swim in TacOps.

If by "Marine" you mean "U.S. Marine Corps" then there are Marine Corps units and equipment in TacOps.

There are a few maps in TacOps in the "Extras" folder that have water and a sea coast to land across.

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