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88 Rocks!!!!!!!

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I know everyone is all uptight about this, but perhaps it is something that cannot be solved. Maybe if everyone just dropped this one issue and talked to each other about their lives and their families and the idiots I have to eat lunch with and cool stuff like that/

Now, I know I am just a dumb kid. But it seems like this one issue is kind of silly. The 88 shoots through two shermans laid end to end far as I can see, and I can win a lot of games just by parking my King Tiger (which ROCKS!) on top of a hill and blasting the US as they rumble down the road. Nothing they got can touch me except this one Brit tank that wasted me last game I played, except I get bogged down sometimes.

So there are two groups to this argument: The prove it group, and the Why should we when we are right group. Never are they coming together, and all their discussions are like yelling at a stone wall, no one listens to the saner heads, who eventually leave, and someone gets freaked and starts a flame war, then 6 flames later says, "This is the final note on the matter" like saying that ends the argument.

So, if we all just agreed that the 88 rocks well enough and left it alone, we could get back to some real discussions. EXCEPT:

Please don't close down the King Tiger thread cause I am learning a lot in it.

Thanks for listening!


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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Diceman:

Can I get in on this action?. March 45. Armor only. You get King Tigers only. I'll take short barreled 75 tanks only. Moderate hills, moderate cover.


Methinks a swarm of Chafee's could be heading Combatboys way! Have fun, but I reckon I know who will win. biggrin.gif


Jim R.

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