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only one thing to complain...


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First i have to say: This game is great!!

And it really helped me to graduate!

But:where did you get the "German PzGrenGrp" photo?

2 things indikate there is something wrong:

-the Oberleutnant is wearing a fieldhat(not a green barett)

-he has blue stripes =>HE IS FROM AN TRANSPORT OR LOG: UNIT!

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Just before v4 was released, I added the small number of German items partly as a favor to several German members of the TacOps mailing list who were particularly helpful during the beta testing of v4 and partly to encourage the German Army to consider buying a license for a German military version.

I could only afford to delay the release of v4 by one week in order to do this. The photo that you mentioned was the best that I could find and that I could safely/legally use in the short time available. There were better photos on several German Army web sites but they were all copyrighted. I could not use them because I did not have time to get the proper permissions.

I have to be extremely careful about copyright and ownership when I add a photo to TacOps. I can't just steal something off of the Internet smile.gif .

[ December 17, 2002, 08:50 AM: Message edited by: MajorH ]

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