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Argh - couldn't resist !

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Philosophical ramblings of a Veteran Computer Gamer:

It's late and I'm in the mood to write a quick summary of "How to purchase a Computer Game."

1- Listen and read about the game from the players. This has always been my first and foremost rule. I don't read for the praising, I read for the complaints. Normally I don't take a pessimistic attitude in life. My defensive reaction of computer games has been tempered by (bad) experience(s).

2- Wait for the first patch.

3- Look for a Demo if one is available. If one is not available, then deduce whatever 'excuse' the company is supplying the market as to WHY one is not available.

But with Combat Mission, I broke my own rules. (Hey, I can break my own rules!) and haven't regretted my decision.

Welcomed to the world of Combat Mission, Sean!

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