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The Tragedy, The Wait

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Radio HQ....

I've been psychologically tormented by my mailbox for exactly TEN (yes, ten... not nine or eight or seven,... except when in counting to ten) DAYS.

Each day, I peer into it after coming home after 8 solid hours of bootlicking and corporate mish-mash and what... what does it say to me?

The same thing over and over.

"Nothing for you, Herr Holzen. At least nothing you want... especially anything you want from BTS Software."

I came home today, generously eyed the open mailbox, the porch, the deck, the flanking bushes, the roof (just in case the mailman accidentally through my precious CM package into the air when pulling it out of his bag); I contacted my girlfriend, the neighbors, the neighbors' neighbors, their relatives, the local constabulary, the National Guard... and anyone else I could find within a twenty-mile radius. And you know what I got?

Nada. Zilcho. Zero. No Combat Mission package. I repeat... NO Combat Mission Package,... over! I know, I know. The confirmation e-mail BTS sent me told me I *MIGHT* have to wait this long (West Coaster here... ahem... Californian), but I've hoped and hoped it would arrive sooner.

I've now played the demo so many times that the AI just immediately surrenders and the program shuts down as soon as I run it. Scenarios with titles like "Chance Encounter" and "Valley of Trouble" have mysteriously been renamed to things like "NO CHANCE Of A Surprise Encounter Whatsoever", or "Valley of You-Already-Know-What-In-Exacting-Detail", or even "Please, Please Don't Play Me Again!"

It's a tragedy: one I'm sure others have gone through and will go through as long as those nitwit-free non-corporate freedom fighters at BTS continue to punch out their CDROM-based narcotics.

Let me tell you, my brothers. I need CM badly!

I'd walk five miles through a minefield in snow-shoes, dragging my private parts over broken glass, just to hear one of the FULL VERSION'S Rifleman fart over a field phone.

Yes... it's that bad, people.

Somebody... anybody... get me a beer.



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hahahahahahahaha now you must suffer as the rest of us did!!!

10 days??? A mere 10 days you've waited??? You'll get no pity from me. if it turns into a month with your package sent to iceland or something you may recieve a momentary arched brow with accompanying pensiveness before I turn away grumbling disgustedly.

Aye the old days of waiting and waiting and waiting knowing the game to be "almost" done while Moon and Fionn teased us with AAR's (after action reports) of their ongoing alpha game battle. Now that was a wait.

At least for you the game is merely being delayed in shipment, soon you will be having your ass handed to you in Pbem games like the rest of us. You might wish to spend your last days (hours possibly) with family and loved ones as once the package does arrive they will be no time for them (you might wish to move the fridge to within reaching distance of your comp, and stock up on snack foods, cigarettes and alcohol as well).

I get the impression (just an impression, could be wrong) that you haven't tried the game versus a human opponent yet. If so, you have to try it. People are so freackin devious you turn your back on them for a minute and they've gotten into everything. They really can mess up the best laid plans. Playing Pbem games of the demo versus each other kept many of us alive during the dark days pre-CM and we are now thriving on the full version.

Anyways, welcome and quit whining wink.gif

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Guest Captitalistdoginchina

I think the CM Borg should assimilate this poor tourtured soul now......it will help to ease the pain.

Aahhh it brings back the memories....the waiting.....oooh the waiting is so painful.



"Death solves all problems - no man no problem"

J.V.Stalin, 1918

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Guest Michael emrys

Dear HFF,

It's the postman. Your copy actually arrived five days ago, but the postman appropriated it and took it to Tiajuana where duplicate pirate copies are being turned out by the hundreds every hour in a small sweatshop where the workers craft each one by hand.

BTW, he's also doing your girlfriend, taking your dog hunting, and driving your car at night. Just thought you ought to know.

Your friend,


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