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What do these symbols mean?

Guest Captitalistdoginchina

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Guest Captitalistdoginchina

Hi ya everyone,

In my unit boxes i see a few symbols that i do not understand - some have a little lightning or electrical type symbol and i have seen others with a red heart - there are other symbols too but can't remember what they look like right now.

Can anyone shed some light on this for me?



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If your talking about the symbols HQ units have then I have your answers. THere purpose is to enhance all the units under their C&C.

Star= increases C&C radius

Question Mark= increases likeliness the unit won't be spotted by enemy

Lightning= increases attack

Heart= increases likeliness to rally a unit

Id the symbol has a box around it then it means the bonus is doubled.

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These are within HQ units right?

I think, due to a new POTD or something, if you select the HQ unit and then hit the Unit Info screen <Enter>/<Return> those "bonus" attributes will be displayed in text somewhere in the box.


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