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What the Hell does Hull Down mean?

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Guest Scott Clinton

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>My tanks are getting abandoned or Knocked out very quickly! Whats up? I read something about keeping your hull down. ???<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Wanna play a ladder game? wink.gifbiggrin.gif

"Hulldown" is when a vehicle moves behind some obstacle (generally a hill, but walls, etc. work too) so that its "HULL" (the lower part of the vehicle) is blocked from the enemy but its main gun is not. Thus it exposes less of itself but can fire freely.

Hope this helps. smile.gif


Please note: The above is solely the opinion of 'The Grumbling Grognard' and reflects no one else's views but his own.

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I haven't mastered the hull down technique, but here are some suggestions for what they're worth smile.gif

1. Once you determine about where you want your armor to go, get down to the lowest level (1) and move to the area using that view. This helps you get a "lay of the land" (in the shoes of your men so to speak).

2. You might want to give the armor a "pause" command at first, this make them wait for a while to perform their action, thus giving you more time to get them out of trouble the next turn, if they're still alive smile.gif

3. Probably the best way to get hull down, that I've found (if in fact the vehicles are hull down as there is no indicator of this "state") is to approach a small rise or variation in the terrain by using the "hunt" command and directing the armor to just below the high point of the terrain. Then, in additional turns, creep it foward as dictated by the circumstances.

Some (or none) of that may help you smile.gif Happy hunting....

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Normally try a target command against a foe or area. If you see a red then black line, then naturally the shot is blocked.

Logic tells us that if we advance our tank towards the area that is blocking the shot, we should get a clear shot, yah?

So get down in the weeds like the others are saying here and close one eye, stick up your thumb (with your tounge hanging out) and guesstimate where you should be so that you can see him but he will only see your turret.

In reality its different. But part of the problem is that LOS and Line of Fire may be modeled so they are from the same point. A tank commander can see things a gunner usually cant is what I am saying. This might not be the case in the game I suspect.

There is something called "turret down" also. Where the commander is basically only sticking up over some terrain, etc.

Hope Ive been helpful.


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