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Cpl. Grammont - Vanquisher of Germans AI cheat exposed!!

Guest Germanboy

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Guest Germanboy

In the pub last night Kumbaya and Peter_Sheepmangler were entertained by me on the iBook with a homemade scenario. One Corporal Grammont (!!) commanded a US White Scout Car. By turn 15 out of 25 he had been advanced over an AT mine field without setting it off, killed 10 crew and infantry, shredded two Sdkfz.250/1 HTs, one Sdkfz.250/9 HT (w/20mm gun), one PSW234/1 AC and merrily proceeded to drive through Peter's defenses. When emerging from the pub, the 'Coal Hole' on the Strand, we saw a cluster of Japanese tourists informing us that two wild-eyed, madly laughing Americans with beards had just made off in a small tracked vehicle waving a laptop and what looked like a Van Eck phreaking device. Apparently they muttered things like 'Nobody ever gets Cpl. Grammont' and 'Yeehah'. Peter now lives in fear of Sgt. Moylan's indefatigable tank.

As an aside, obviously taking an iBook into a London pub, playing a combat simulation for everyone to see, and ordering beer with a German accent in a menacing voice is causing the locals some concern. With every trip the number of girls that are never going to date us increases. But on the positive side, this time I noticed some guy lookin over our shoulders, drooling at the sight of the screen (sit down Bauhaus). I gave him the name of the game, the URL and hope that he shows up here and buys it. ASL player, and so is his dad. He thought this was the coolest thing he had ever seen.

The iBook has 4MB graphics memory on an ATI Rage 3D card. Enough said.




Home of „Die Sturmgruppe“; Scenario Design Group for Combat Mission.

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It's clear that BTS are evil, and I was sorely tricket by some foul demonic doings of theirs.

How else could CM do so well?! It's clea they've sold their soul to to devil and as well as huge success get a few other 'perks'.

That bloody scout car STILL WON'T DIE!

i had this cunning plan of making a 'hole' in my defences.. a lovely inviting space, and a road, no less, with which to drive on. Everywhere else was wire and bunkers, but in this golden spot.. ahh, all was clear!

Of course, it was devious and cunning and nasty since that area was mined and covered by a Very Big Gun as well as a panzershreck.

Well damn Chupie like the naieve little lad he is just waltzes in there, and sets me off chuckling about how I will ambush him, that is until i find out who is in charge of the damn scout car! Damn you to heck BTS!

the damn thing was sniped at, shot at twice with zooks, barely dodged artillery, ran over a minefield, outshot all those damn HTs of my own, killed a bunker and then just joyrode over the squshy leftovers, GAH!



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