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Uh oh . . . Another Hamster Mod!!!!

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Had enough of hamster mods? Don't even like to see them mentioned anymore? Too bad. My fluffy new mod replaces the game's polygon human faces (that means the 3D faces you see on the "men" in the game) with cuddly and cute hamster faces!! =D The file is available for download at www.fluffkitty.com

Hope you like it, I kinda do. =)



ICQ 8273286


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Rest assured, Kitzer, that when the cesspool latches onto this download, they'll post all kinds of CM hamster pics. wink.gif

Well done.

Oh heck, let's link in a sample pic to those too lazy to click over to your site:


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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Wilhammer:

Hey Kitty,

Have you been able to find anything out about converting the in-flight projectiles?<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

In-flight projectiles, unfortunately, are yet another one of those hard-coded textures.

Here's a list of all the hard-coded textures:

1) Projectiles

2) Tracers

3) Grenades

4) Ground from map-edge to horizon image.

5) Berets on UK airborne and tank crewmen.

6) Bazookas, Panzerschrecks, and Piats.

I think that's it, unless I forgot something. Fellas?


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You know what is next, of course, a MAUS mod with the allies as mice and the Germans as cats.

Maus is the pulitzer prize-winning graphic novel by Art Spiegleman in which he retells his father's story of the Holocaust but in comic format with cats as Germans and the Jews as mice.




To download my scenarios: go to


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Happy! Joy!

One thing, Kitty: They look soooo serious. Can we have a few grins on them? Or maybe just a little smile? When I look at a squad now, I see a couple of scared looking hamsters, looking to and fro, saying: "uh-oh, there's a cat... Better not look, cuz there's another one over there."

Wait, no, I got a better idea! Forget the smiles. How about grins, scars, and eyepatches, oh, and wooden legs!

And could you do the odd parrot on the shoulder too, please? Hamster pirate-mod stylee, like. biggrin.gif


Der ver zwei peanuts, valking down der Strasse, and von vas...assaulted! peanut. Ho-ho-ho-ho.

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Guest Madmatt

#4 is actually the low res ground texture file 1503 IIRC.

Not sure which snow texture # is used for those maps.

Another hardcoded model is the pistol.



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