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No need to get desperate...

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...even after a hard week of working, a sounding defeat in VoT at the hands of Jonathan "Arty" Freyland and a mail from BTS starting "A problem with your CM order". One thought strikes immediatly in my already twisted mind after opening the mailbox: Ripping your clothes from the body, running naked on the street and crying: " Injustice! Holy injustice! Why me?"

Well, those actions result more often then not into social disgrace, appearing whitecoats, police inquiries ( Where did you get the drug, son?) and, worst of all, no more CM for me.

OK, Schuggi: Cool down, smoke a cigarrete ( where are they when you need one, damnit!) STOP drinking coffee and read that §!=&/ mail!

Done, but not understood as I couldn't believe it. Once again done, understood, jaw hits ground and cigarrete burns fingers ( should stop smoking). -----Starting file----"We send your three ordered copies to Moon, who pays with his credit card in advance for you and then sends the copies to you." -----End file---- ( Well, in essence)

Questions? No, it is not a joke! This is BTS customer service which is far beyond what any customer could even dare to ask for. I'm certainly not a person who is qick with big, enthusiastic words, but an ardent YOU GUYS RULE is perfect in order here.

What do you think folks?

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