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Major H: TacOps v. WindowBlinds in XP


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I use WindowBlinds (actually the entire object desktop suite StarDock Systems) for customizing and increasing my productivity.

Unfortunately, when running TacOps with WindowBlinds the game speed slows to a _crawl_, with each 15 second tick taking about 15 REAL seconds. Disable WindowBlinds, and it works fine. It's the most annoying thing, especially as MS uses Stardock technology to handle the skinning process. Any idea what could be causing this?

PC specs:

Windows XP Pro

Tyan Tiger MB

(2) Athlon XMP 2100 CPUs

GF4 4600

1024MB ECC

Desktop at 2048x1536x32x85hz

(assorted other addons, details if needed)

Thanks in advance.

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> Any idea what could be causing this?

Sure. Windowblinds may be trying to change the size, color, and look of the TacOps windows, dialogs, and buttons a zillion times per second and if so TacOps is telling Windowblinds to go to hell with equal ferocity. Your CPU is probably being drug down by the battle.

Or Windowblinds could be looking for some standard, slow, white flashing, Windows screen update and redraw routine that isn't in TacOps.

I spent quite a bit of the last two years getting the TacOps code to effectively hide its windows, buttons, and controls from damaging mods/interference from the Windows OS and third party hackers.

A lot of TacOps windows are overloaded with small buttons and controls - many of them located very close together. And all designed so that they are easy to find and use with minimal chance of missclicks while still enabling the dialogs to be as small as possible so as to obstruct as little of the map as possible. The text labels, button colors, etc are standardized for maximum clarity. (Well actually they would be clearer if they could be black on white but users will not accept that kind of display anymore.)

The whole thing would fall apart if a user could change the size, shape, and color of all these details.

[ November 25, 2002, 03:21 PM: Message edited by: MajorH ]

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